Events Planning

Whether it is Pelion, Volos, the Sporades islands or any other inland destination, Thessaly is an idyllic backdrop for events and happenings to cherish. We specialize in creating happy personal and professional moments for you, your loved ones and your associates, according to your wishes and dreams.

A Perfect Day, Vol. 2 – The Events Planning Edition

The big day has finally arrived. Preparations were intense, but your dedicated All Out Greece designer has planned everything to perfection. Your guests were picked up from Volos and settled in selected guesthouses in the area a few days ago. As the clock ticks and the magical time approaches, your heart is about to burst with joy.

Holding hands with your loved one, you board the boat that will take you to the beach of the ceremony. The sun is setting in the west, casting a veil of golden and orange hues over the beach and lush olive grove behind it. Your favorite people in the world are waiting there, seated among exquisite floral arrangements, with happy smiles on their faces. Fairy tales do come true. And wait till you see the wedding party afterward!

Sometimes, all it takes is a precious moment for forever to start.
Some other times, events mark new personal or professional beginnings, celebrate happy moments, or hallmark important milestones.

Bespoke event planning and coordination services in Pelion and Central Greece

The team of All Out Greece specializes in putting together successful events against the idyllic backdrops of the endearing city of Volos, the majestic sceneries of Mount Pelion, the enchanting vistas of the Sporades Islands, and the unique locations of heartland Thessaly.

Hospitality is a key factor in creating moments to remember. We put the open hearts and professionalism of our local partners to good use, with the aim of providing impeccable services that are perfectly designed to the last detail.

Weddings and Social Events

From weddings, baptisms and anniversaries to birthday parties and reunions, we work with the best venues to bring your vision to life at the ideal setting.

Our network includes the best caterers, photographers/videographers, florists, designers, and DJs, always according to your budget and wishes.

We bring together the right creative forces to ensure a perfect day for you, your loved ones and your guests.

Corporate Events

Looking for the destination of your next workshop, incentive/team-building trip, presentation or conference?

Its favorable location that is easily accessible from all major Greek cities, combined with the multitude of options it offers on all levels, make the area of Pelion and Central Greece a perfect fit for corporate events. Regardless of the number of participants and your technical requirements, we will find the suitable convention facilities for the success of your event.

Further details, such as accommodation options, dining reservations and printing of your documentation material, will be taken care by the experienced planners of All Out Greece.

Design cost: On a per-case basis, contact us for more details.