About us

Being Allouters is our superpower. We have grown up enjoying the best of Thessaly. The hospitality professionals of Pelion and Central Greece know us personally. We’ve tried their offerings ourselves before including them in our network. Thessaly is our playground, and it can be yours too.

Who is All Out Greece?

All Out Greece came to life out of a shared vision. Born and raised in Volos, three collaborators and long-time friends with a rich background in travel, hospitality, and professional services, got together and joined forces. Their ambition was to showcase their homeland’s beauty, uniqueness and authenticity: the hidden gem called Mount Pelion and the broader region of Thessaly in Central Greece.

We are a boutique travel concierge service that curates personalized experiences in Pelion and Central Greece. We imagine luxury as the undiscovered. We are passionate about the precious, not the expensive. We carefully prepare tailor-made itineraries adjusted to your own pace that make individual wishes and desires come true.

Furthermore, we act as local on-the-ground experts, providing concierge services for events planning and weddings, real estate search in the area, and many more.

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things to do in pelion - eastern pelion greece

Pelion, the Mountain of Centaurs

Largely –and fortunately– unknown to the big crowds, Pelion will make you discover a new you. Home to countless myths and rich traditions, this mountainous peninsula in Central Greece, surrounded by dreamy beaches and gifted with breathtaking villages where time runs slower, invites visitors to immerse into a universe of unpretentious elegance and genuineness. 

In addition to culture and natural beauty, Pelion is an Eldorado for lovers of outdoor activities. Hiking trails of various difficulty levers, cycling routes, canyoning locations, horseback riding fields and sea kayaking spots, will keep you active and in awe of the miraculous sceneries around you.

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Volos, the multi-faceted city

Yet, Pelion is not where natural and cultural experiences end. Magnesia, the part of Thessaly Pelion belongs to, has lots of gems to uncover for the willing traveller.

Volos, a modern and vibrant city set at the foot of Pelion, is a destination in itself. Boasting a savoury culinary scene, with the famous tsipouro restaurants and ambitious chefs who always look for something new, lots of cultural exhibitions, and a jaw-dropping beachfront promenade that makes you lose yourself in unbothered beauty, Volos is a true treat for the senses.

sporades greece

The Sporades

The world-renowned Sporades Islands, sitting a short boat trip away from Volos, have something for everyone. Skiathos, the island closest to mainland Magnesia, is a haven of gorgeous sandy beaches and entertainment. Skopelos is more relaxed, with a rich cultural scene and quaint shores. Alonissos is a sanctuary of calmness and a natural sea habitat for many endangered species.


Inland Thessaly

Many more astonishing places of the Thessalian heartland are worth experiencing, such as Lake Plastira with the awe-inspiring alpine forests around it, and the famous hill-like rounded boulders of Meteora, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Meet the team

Angeliki Vogdanou

Hospitality Expert

Angeliki Vogdanou is All Out Greece's hospitality expert with an impressive track record in destinations and experiences. A hospitality coach for over ten years, she has helped many small tourism businesses streamline their offering through proper process and organization structuring. Besides bookings and planning, she is also the liaison person for guests during their stay.

Angeliki is also a Certified Early Warning Europe Mentor, and co-owner of Open Office Volos, the first co-working space to ever operate in the city. She prides herself in being a researcher of authentic Greece and creating unforgettable experiences in her beloved homeland, Thessaly. A single mother of two angsty young adults, she draws inspiration from her favourite motto and quotes, such as: "Customer Service always has a seemingly tiny, yet significant secret: People", and "You need to get to the future, ahead of your customers and be ready to greet them when they arrive", by Marc Benioff.

Christos Vasilopoulos

Serial Traveler, Growth & Marketing

Christos Vasilopoulos is a travel and outdoors enthusiast, with a passion for hiking, trekking and sea activities. A polyvalent e-presence expert with many years of experience in his arsenal, he is the manager of Groowise, a business growth and digital marketing agency, MindfulTravelExperiences & MindfulExperiencesGreece, two travel and tourism online projects that presents personal experiences from travelling and outdoor activities. And as if all these were not enough to fill up a busy day, Christos is also an ICF-accredited business and life coach, helping people and companies reach their full potential.

He has travelled to more than 40 countries and adopted meditation as a way to explore himself and the world. Yet, his most significant life achievement is his loving family: his wonderful, supportive wife and two children, who continue to teach him a lot daily. In All Out Greece, Christos is responsible for all things digital.

Christos Koutsikopoulos

Foreign language and culture aficionado

Christos Koutsikopoulos is a foreign language and culture aficionado, having set foot on 4 continents already. A professional translator and content writer with 15 years of experience under his belt, he goes above and beyond to ensure All Out Greece features the most helpful content for your eyes only in multiple languages. You'll probably meet Christos replying to one of your requests or during the planning of your event, as he adores putting together memories never to be forgotten.

Christos loves his homeland and is incredibly proud to originate from Volos. So, besides his other professional activities, he puts his knowledge and expertise to good use to help local producers expand to foreign markets, acting as an export facilitator. He spends his spare time with his beloved wife and baby dog Zacharias, while at weekends, he practices photography and watches horror and sci-fi movies.